Pre-travel considerations to help maximize your travel enjoyment

As you get ready for your trip, don't forget to:

  • Update all necessary vaccinations, if required
  • Buy CIBC Insurance Travel CoverageOpens a new window in your browser
  • Leave your contact information and itinerary with family or friends
  • Determine how you’ll carry all necessary travel documentation such as passports, visas, proof of citizenship, etc.
  • Update and bring a list of important phone numbers, including your bank, credit card centre, doctor, etc.


It is important that your home is looked after and looks occupied while you're away. Arrange for someone to:

  • Care for your pet and plants
  • Shovel the snow or cut the grass
  • Collect your mail and other delivered items

You may want to prepare for your trip by:

  • Paying bills that are due while you're away
  • Buying foreign cash
  • Buying a CIBC Smart Prepaid Travel Visa* Card


Interested in buying CIBC Insurance Travel Coverage?

CIBC Insurance Travel Medical Coverage
CIBC Insurance Comprehensive Travel Coverage
CIBC Insurance Trip Cancellation & Trip Interruption Enhanced Package


CIBC Insurance Travel Medical Coverage is available at or by phoning Allianz Global Assistance at 1-833-861-5088.

For Quebec residents

Distributing firm’s name and contact information

AZGA Insurance Agency Canada Ltd. operating as Allianz Global Assistance
4273 King Street East
Kitchener, Ontario
519-742-2800Opens your phone app.

Licensed sectors

Damage insurance (broker) and insurance of person

Registration number

510528Opens a new window in your browser.

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Co-operators Life Insurance Company
1920 College Avenue
Regina, Saskatchewan
S4P 1C4
1-800-454-8061Opens your phone app.

The Sovereign General Insurance Company
140 – 6700 Macleod Trail South East
Calgary, Alberta
T2H 0L3
1-800-510-0354Opens your phone app.