To make a claim, call 1-855-964-2082.

To help get your claim processed quickly, you should have the following information handy:

Fire and Smoke

A fire in your home is probably one of the worst disasters that you could experience.

In an event of a fire:

  • Secure the premises, but don't take any risks, e.g. attempting to cut the power to avoid further damages
  • If the situation is dangerous, call 911 and have the fire department secure the premise

For minor damage, air out smoky rooms.


Be prepared before the unexpected happens

Keep an up to date list of all your personal belongings and valuables to minimize the stress of having to remember all your contents and belongings in the event of a claim.

  • Take inventory of the contents of each room. Take pictures of each room, including the contents of your closets and drawers
  • Get professional appraisals for your valuables such as jewelry, paintings and silverware
  • Keep your inventory lists, proofs of purchase, and professional appraisals as well as any videos in a safe place, away from your home

And remember to update your inventory every couple of years.