CIBC Insurance Travel Medical Coverage

Travel insurance that protects you when you leave your province

  • Applicable for out-of-province plus out-of-country emergencies
  • Emergency travel assistance just a phone call away — 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

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CIBC Insurance Travel Medical Coverage is underwritten by Co-operators Life Insurance Company.

Plan Options: Per Trip or Multi Trip

Choose a plan suited to your needs

Per Trip Plan

  • For one trip only
  • More economical coverage for you and your family
  • Travel for up to the maximum number of days allowed by your provincial or territorial health plan1 days
  • Extended coverage is available if you’re away longer than originally planned
  • Single and family coverage options available

Annual Multi Trip Plan

Convenient if you travel more than twice a year2

  • Choose a plan that covers you for up to 8 or 18 days per trip
  • Extend your coverage for additional days of travel for longer trips1
  • Multiple travellers under this plan don’t need to be
  • Purchase once and have coverage for an entire year

Coverage Highlights

Up to $10 million of travel coverage that you can rely on4

  • Medical and dental

    • Provides coverage for eligible hospital and physician's bills, and expenses resulting from an accidental injury, or new sickness or disease5

    • Paramedical services including those of a chiropractor, chiropodist, or physiotherapist up to $500 if required as a result of a covered emergency
    • Dental treatment for up to $4,000 coverage as a result of an eligible direct accidental blow to the mouth
  • Transportation

    • Costs for return home or to the nearest appropriate medical facility by regular flight, medically escorted flight, air ambulance or ground ambulance
    • Return home for dependent children or travelling companion who are insured and travelling with you
    • A round trip economy airfare by the most direct route for the transportation of a relative to your bedside if you’re hospitalized as a result of a critical emergency
  • Convenience and comfort

    • Meals and accommodation expenses up to $300 per day to a total of $1,000 when your trip is delayed beyond the scheduled return date because of a medical emergency or death.

    • Coverage extension for up to 72 hours if your trip is delayed beyond your Policy coverage end date because of a medical emergency or other covered event.
    • Trip Break allows you to return to your province or territory of residence once without terminating your coverage.

For a detailed summary of benefits, eligibility conditions, limitations and exclusions, review the sample Policy (CIBC Insurance Comprehensive Travel Package) (PDF, KB)

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To get a quote and apply now, call a licensed insurance agent at 1-833-861-5088.

If you’re aged 60 or over, you’ll be asked some questions about your health history to determine your eligibility for coverage and the applicable premium rate and pre-existing condition limitations and exclusions.

Right to Examine

Please review your Policy when you receive it to ensure it meets your needs. You have 10 days after purchase to return your Policy for a full refund, provided you have not departed on your trip and a claim has not been incurred

Travel Assistance

With CIBC Insurance Travel Coverage,
assistance is just a phone call away

Call Allianz Global Assistance in the event of an emergency for help in your time of need.

  • From Canada or the U.S., call 1-833-861-5088
  • From all other locations, call collect 1-519-514-1915
Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
During an emergency, whenever possible, our services include:
  • A healthcare facility can be identified
  • The medical facility can be notified of your arrival to minimize admission delays
  • Medical Consultants can discuss with the local physician to determine the best care for you
  • Emergency translation services provided in most major languages
  • Escort and transportation home for your dependent children can be arranged
  • Messages to your family can be made to inform them of your status

Allianz Global Assistance is also your starting point for claims.

Note: If you pay any expenses yourself, you must obtain original itemized receipts.

For pre-travel considerations to help maximize your travel enjoyment, see Travel Tips.

Terms and conditions

CIBC Insurance Travel Coverage plans are underwritten by Co-operators Life Insurance Company (accident and sickness benefits) and The Sovereign General Insurance Company (property and casualty benefits). CIBC Insurance Travel Coverage is administered by Allianz Global Assistance, which is a registered business name of AZGA Service Canada Inc. Allianz Global Assistance provides the CIBC travel assistance and claims services in respect of all insurance coverage under CIBC Insurance Travel Coverage plans. CIBC Insurance Agency Inc. earns compensation from the insurer for the promotion of CIBC Insurance Travel Coverage plans.

CIBC Insurance Travel Coverage is subject to eligibility conditions, limitations and exclusions (including pre-existing medical condition exclusions), which are contained in the Policy you receive following enrollment. Before applying, you can review a sample Policy (CIBC Insurance Comprehensive Travel Package) (PDF, KB). You can also call CIBC Insurance Travel Coverage at 1-833-861-5088. Coverage will be voidable if you fail to disclose or misrepresent any material fact or circumstance affecting coverage.

The above descriptions of insurance and assistance services are general descriptions only and don’t constitute legal or insurance advice. In all cases, you can speak to an insurance advisor before purchasing insurance. In case of discrepancy between the information and examples provided on these pages and your Policy, your Policy prevails.

1 The maximum duration of an insured trip including any extensions or top-ups cannot exceed your provincial or territorial maximum. For more information, contact your provincial or territorial health authority or visit their website.

2 Before your Annual Multi Trip Plan expiry date, you’ll be contacted by mail or email. If you select to be automatically re-enrolled at time of application, you’ll be notified of the premium amount for the new 12-month term, and your premium will be charged to the credit card that you provide when you first apply for coverage. If you don’t authorize automatic renewal of your Annual Multi Trip Plan, then you’ll be notified by mail or email that you’ll need to re-enroll if you want to maintain coverage.

3 CIBC Insurance Travel Coverage is available at or by calling Allianz Global Assistance at 1-833-861-5088.

4 Certain benefits are subject to maximum coverage limits specified in the Policy. CIBC Insurance Travel Medical Coverage is subject to a maximum aggregate coverage limit of $10 million per insured traveller per insured trip.

5 A pre-existing medical condition or symptom means a sickness, injury or medical condition, whether or not diagnosed by a physician, for which you had symptoms, or required or received medical attention, consultation or treatment, and which existed before your departure date or the effective date of your coverage.